About me

I’m a student from Germany who always wanted to have his own app on the Google Play Store. By now I am publishing on F-Droid instead of Google. this is because Google takes a registration fee of 25$. You have to pay this regardless of whether your app will be accepted. Meanwhile you think about pricing and realize, that Google takes 30% of your revenue! 30%!!! That’s a lot. And Google is rich enough anyway. If I just wanted to get the registration fee back in my pocket, how many people would have to buy my app or click on ads? That would be a number not that little, considering the fact, that ad clicks get you only about 30 ct/click. All these facts lead me to the conclusion that F-Droid is my place to go. No registration fee. No Google Ads. I expect some revenue trough donations. Just a little. Just one kind person donating 1$ would get me more money than I would earn in 10 years with Google.

So if you plan to publish an think twice about whether you want to support Google or join the FLOSS community🥳.